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Wow....2019. Anyone else excited for this year? I am! 2018 was mean, I mean ruthlessly mean to me. There were many high moments, to include the birth of my son Jonah, but quite a few low moments. Not a lot of bad or surprising things occurred it was just mentally taxing. I didn't complete half of my goals for the year and I left you all hanging. I'm so sorry for that. Not in 2019 though. Time flies and I got my ticket early. I took the last two to three months of 2018 strategizing how I could inspire you, gifts I could give you and all the tea to spill.


With that being said if there's a mom you know who is killing it at motherhood and taking care of business send her my wayyyyy! I've got something for her.

We're right around the corner from the second month of the year. What are your major goals for the year? Cheers to the New Year bringing new heights!

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