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  • TeLeah Thurston


If your hair is natural or you are into health and wellness, you probably thought I was talking about Apple Cider Vinegar and its many discovered benefits. Not today though ladies. This ACV is accountability, consistency and village; the three tools I have found to benefit me the most as an entrepreneur. Getting a grip in these three areas will excel your personal development and your business no matter what season of entrepreneurship you are in.

It was not until I found a like-minded individual that understood my strengths and was trustworthy of my weaknesses that kept me from being busy and made me productive. Having an accountability partner keeps you in check and makes you more responsible for yourself and your actions. To be clear I do not mean someone who will only agree with all your plans or a gossip buddy. I’m talking about someone who is about their business and yours too, someone who will communicate with you weekly or daily if necessary. When you find the person, who wants you to win just as much as you should want yourself to, then you have your partner.

One of the most difficult parts of being in business for yourself is consistency. It takes an immeasurable amount of discipline to remain consistent when you are in control of all your time and labor. Consistency breeds success. You stay on top of your game and you have the potential to continue to excel, and crush your goals. Choose 2-3 goals that will assist the growth of your business to focus on daily and never beat yourself down if that doesn’t happen. Slow and steady wins the race.

As a mother of three under three and wife to an active duty soldier I am already spread quite thin however the number one area that has kept me from feeling like I’m drowning is having a village. In this season of life, I have found this to be an absolute fact. I have surrounded myself with those who desire to live a life of multiple incomes and those who have already achieved this. I have also found my village in those I can trust with my family when I’m just physically, mentally and emotionally drained and need to rest. You don’t need a huge circle to achieve your village, and it does not always have to be family. Just gather the ones you can lean on and gleam from and find the ones you can pour into also. It’s a circle of life.

For some accountability partners, consistency and a village are already in place but for some of us we may feel lost and abandoned. Pray and ask God to reveal the perfect ingredients to your ACV; watch him burn the fat, all the dead cells fade and your highest level of success come forth.

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