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Many of you have inquired on exactly what BossLifeMom means and what my logo stands for so I thought I would share that with you! So, I came up with this idea while my husband was away training and I was having a hard time with my oldest daughter Selah, who was approximately eight months at the time and I was also four or five months pregnant. I was emotional and trying really hard to handle his consulting business affairs as well as our personal finances and just keeping myself together. I wrote a blog entitled In the Darkest Hour and this idea just spiraled from there. I realized I am not just a mom and homemaker but a mom who is balancing her children, her life (which includes her spirit, her Husband, friends, and family), and the work that comes with being a striving entrepreneur. BossLifeMom is not just for married women or moms with babies, but for all women who are juggling many titles and doing all they can to keep their sanity. A BossLifeMom is a woman who realizes that she will fail at times and she must douse herself in the grace and mercy of God and keep on pushing. Embrace each of your titles and strive for your personal best, but most importantly embrace you for YOU!

So, when you see my logo understand that the crown represents the Queen that you are. It represents the royalty you have inside of you. The high heel represents the class and poise that women walk with gracefully every day. You may not wear heels (I often don't) but there is something about the right heel that makes you feel even more powerful than when you are barefoot in the sand. The pacifier represents motherhood. Not just birthing children but nurturing or tending to someone or something other than yourself. To one woman that may look like birthing a child but to another it can resemble the woman standing in front of the classroom, the "cat lady" online or the "dog mom" down the street. The most honorable role on earth is that of one who calls herself mom. Be a BossLifeMom and own it!

*P.S. You can rock the #bosslifemom statement with items from*

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