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Boss.Life.Mom 2.0

The most honorable role on earth is that of one who calls herself mom. A year ago today, I shared with you the reason behind BossLifeMom and the representation of my logo. Though I stepped out into this journey just two years ago the wisdom and growth I have experienced surpasses physical time.

Refresh your memory by taking a look in the past here. I wanted to incorporate my children and the foundation that myself and my husband are creating for them. The representation of motherhood is now represented by a building block. I want to remind you of the power you have in laying the foundation in your businesses and babies. Again it's not just about birthing children but nurturing or tending to someone or something other than yourself. To one woman that may look like birthing a child but to another it can resemble the woman standing in front of the classroom or the "dog mom" down the street. Show the world you're a BossLifeMom by purchasing a shirt or phone case !

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