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Do You Know Who You Are?

I am:

  • an overcomer of childhood trauma

  • an Army war veteran

  • quiet

  • a warrior

  • a lover of people & cultures

  • fun

I am a wife and a mother. I am a daughter, a sister and a friend. I am a woman. In any chance of crossing paths you are guaranteed to experience me in some form of these traits of mine. This is the essence of me.

To be authentic is to be genuine or to be made or done in a way that faithfully resembles an original according to the dictionary.

Walking in authenticity means that as a child of a King my life, my family and my business should look like Jesus and my daily encounters should be sincerely and honestly experienced.

Being authentic is important to me because it causes me to stand strong in my identity, be unwavering in my faith and gives me the ability to be used by God to be a place of safety to those who feel lost, broken and looking for something real.

Like many other mothers, after becoming a parent I began having to rediscover who I was. And even now I am still developing. I want to encourage you that if you're in that place of having no clue as to who you are, to know I was once there too. The good news is that one day you will discover who you are and even though there's really no final destination to that knowing, knowing whose you are is a good place to find peace.

Be you, because the world, in fact does need YOU!

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