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Happy Anniversary to Meee!!!

I should really say Happy Anniversary to us! Six years ago I wrote my first blog. I was pregnant with my second daughter and my oldest was teething. I had just started my journey to entrepreneurship. I was exhausted with the typical things that come with motherhood and gearing up for 2 under 2 and I was processing the end of seasons with people I was very close to. I wrote from the depths of my heart & started this blog.

That one blog opened a door I had no idea what I was walking through. It opened an entire brand dedicated to creating a safe space for moms. I started this community searching for what I couldn't find. Authenticity. Genuine Transparency. A true village.

So many of you have stuck by me through the ups and downs and silent seasons where I was overcome by life or simply just trying to find my lane. I appreciate that of you more than words could ever express. Some of you are new here. (Heyyyyyy!!!!) I appreciate you too! Whether new or old to this community you now get to see the bloom begin.

I've found my lane and while I have many vehicles preparing for takeoff just know I don't take your support lightly. It's truly my heart's desire to see every mom I come in contact with whether physically or virtually CONFIDENTLY regain her independence within. It's so easy to get lost in your role as wife & mom. I know all too well. But it's very well possible to be confident in your role and still be YOU.

So again, Happy Anniversary to Boss Life Mom. To me. To you. To us. 💜

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