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Injured, not Broken

*Open Letter dedicated to my dear friend JMH*

Cry! Be angry! Feel sad! Embrace any and all your emotions right now but know that you are NOT defeated. Nothing we are purposed for comes easy. Whether we believe in Allah, The Universe, or The Holy Trinity. It's all going to humbly teach us some sort of life lesson not just until we meet the finish line, but beyond. It LOOKS like you can't succeed but you will. The amount of time isn't what matters, it's finishing. Despite any roadblocks standing in front of you, each of them has a gap for you to cross through. I know you miss the time spent with your babies but months from now you'll begin telling them the story of how everything and everyone tried to tell you no but you fought for your yes. YOU are the epitome of "you can do everything you put your mind to." You may be injured but you're not broken.


Send this to every woman you know that is going through a trying season and tell her she's going to make it!

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