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It Always Feels Like Somebody's Watching Me

*sing it with me* "It always feels like somebody's watching me.." Well, because they are!

In a life after COVID many of us live behind our screens even more than we did pre-COVID. Somewhere along the lines we decided we were safer behind screens and became more anxious about social gathering. So now we watch. We watch our friends' and families' lives unfold from behind our screens.

We know what we see are just highlight reels but somehow we let these highlights consume and overwhelm our own lives and progress. Tuesday I found myself crying into my kid's piano instructor because I was so overwhelmed. I have so many dreams, goals & desires I wish to accomplish. I'm committed to seeing others win too and when I thought about how I still had two other kids so get involved in some activity I broke down. How can I do all these things right now?

How can I show up as a supportive wife, an intentional & cheerful mom, a productive coach, an encouraging friend, etc? I want to be the very best at everything I do even though I know that when multi-tasking nothing is balanced evenly. I hate it.

But in just 24 hours, from simply being honest, the outpouring response of people watching me got me all the way together. Not to denote the prayers from my mother, and the encouragement from my inner circle too; but knowing that being honest with you all about my journey encourages you all to keep going means so much to me.

In a world where everyone paints picture perfect homes and lives, I choose to raw & completely transparent about my life. I'll save the acting for the professional actors & actresses.

Be encouraged and know that somebody, somewhere, is watching you and they need you!

I love you!

P.S. Sorry to have you waiting!

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