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The Woman Behind Boss Life Mom

Hey, lovelies!! I have quite a few new subscribers and I've been almost radio silent on my blog so allow me to share with you a little about me!

My name is TeLeah (Tea-Lee-Uh) -you wouldn't believe the number of times I have to correct people on how to say my name. I've been married almost 7 years and have 4 wild toddlers- currently 4,3,2, and 1. Yep, you read that right!

Yes, my hands are full. Yes, there's NEVER a dull moment. I'm extremely tired & overwhelmed. Yes, my husband and I do plenty of other activities >>insert eyeroll<<. Even still I am forever grateful for this big gift!! They are full of light, love & laughter..& attitude too haha!

Where was I? Oh, yeah so I am a war veteran (Operation Enduring Freedom 09-10) who served in the Army reserves for 9 years. I started school for my Bachelor's in Social Work, but put that on pause briefly and will be starting back up here soon. I love love love to sing & dance. Laughing is medicine to my soul as is silence & sleep too! Haha also, I'm obsessed with food. If you ever wonder what I'm thinking about, it's probably food. I'm passionate about motherhood & teen parenting.

Boss Life Mom came about when I began my journey of entrepreneurship with a well-known health company. I wanted to share my experiences as well as the highs and lows of having two under two at the time. I quickly realized there were many small aspects of motherhood that were lacking within the community and wanted to be a part of changing the narrative. The meaning of "It Takes a Village" has quite frankly become extinct and mothers everywhere are suffering in silence. The phrase is often stated but rarely seen in action for many different reasons however we must remain a solidified front so that another generation doesn't have to fall by the wayside by our lack of growth & wisdom.

I provide guidance & support to mothers who require assurance in their relationships and family structure with an emphasis on nurturing or building their village. This is a space for the mothers who are tired of feeling isolated, working towards healthier relationships (being toxic is NOT attractive) & developing better self-love.

I often say it's unbelievable that I am still able to smile after all the things I've experienced but [intentional] motherhood has a way of bringing you to a place of wholeness & joy (if you allow it!).

I'm looking forward to sharing with you the wisdom I gain as I figure out my own life as a wife, mother & friend.

(Share with a mother you know who could use a community & follow me on Facebook & Instagram @bosslifemom)

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