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True or False

Do you ever consider what life was like prior to the social media takeoff, before people shared every detail of their lives or what we think is every detail?

Over some time I've noticed some draw-backs to this takeoff. As a society we compare and compete with everything. We decide how much we will strive for success, how to maintain relationships and how to look all based on what someone else posts to their account or whatever meme goes viral. I can't tell you the number of business considerations I've made simply from how well someone with a huge following made their success look easy. I've judged how well my parenting is or isn't because of a family that has gone viral and I've had numerous people tell me how much they wish their relationship was like mine or how they could have a family like mine just because of our pictures.

While it can be humbling and pleasant to be the person looked up to it is also awfully sad because we have no idea what is going on behind the next persons phone or computer screen. We see what is chosen to be shared and we make life altering decisions because of this. Some of us are trying so hard to keep up with the Jones's and have no idea how they made it to their final destination, so here we are making a journey to the middle of nowhere trying to get to pleasure island.

The inset photo, captured by my dear husband, was just weeks after birthing Tirzah. As you see, the struggle was real! I hadn't done my hair in days, probably hadn't showered and was absolutely sick of being in the house and having my girls in my arms every day, all day. I never shared this picture before now because it was too real even for myself. I had an idea of how I thought things would flow once Tirzah was here (after mentally noting what I felt the "perfect parents" had nailed) but instead everything was chaotic and I barely had time to gather my own thoughts. It took months to get out of that mindset and understand the bigger picture. I am a wife, a mom & my own boss. I love to share my story with others & that is why I share the big smiles and great days--because they are not always so. I do, however, promise to show you more rough times too and ask that you be transparent enough, at the right times, to do so with your surrounding circle too. It's time to show ourselves and others what being real actually is.

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