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Who is THAT girl?!

It took me a long time! I mean a very long time to realize who I was. It took me far too long to realize who I am! But when I tell you, now I know and I'm not going anywhere.

Knowing you're a child of God is one thing but believing it is something very different. When you believe you are royalty you carry yourself differently and you don't allow anyone to treat you any less. When I began going to therapy I learned about how I often allowed others to cross my boundaries and on top of that I did not take care of myself as I needed to. I was always placing everyone's needs above my own. From my kids, to my husband, and even family and friends. If someone needed me I was giving them all my time and energy and when I had nothing to give I was pull from the depths of me to fulfill their needs.

Eventually through prayer and therapy I realized I couldn't keep repeating this cycle. I understood I could no longer pour from an empty cup and I worked hard to prioritize myself. I began saying no and no longer explaining my no. That my friends, is when things began to shift in my life.

I was becoming THAT girl. That girl who understands you pour from an overflowing cup and not a half full one. That girl who knew putting makeup on and cute outfits was only going to mask what I was feeling inside. That girl who decided she couldn't keep standing in the mirror complaining about how much weight she gained from birthing 4 kids, depression and life just happening. That girl who chose to be accountable to herself first before holding anyone else accountable. That girl who found her confidence, her self worth and her voice. That girl who knows THAT girl when she sees her!

I would love for you to join me for a 15 day challenge entitled THAT girl!! To participate just follow these steps:

  • Purchase Self Care Kit (Complete quick assessment to find out which kit would best fit you)

  • 30 minutes of cardio (running, fast paced walking, dancing, HIIT, etc. )

  • 30 minutes of personal development daily (reading)

  • Limit pop, bread & sugar intake (try your best to restrain from these all together for this challenge)

  • 30 minutes of self care daily (something that YOU find joy in or discovering what that is)

So, what is THAT girl to you and will you be joining me in this challenge?

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