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Celebrating Boss Life Moms Everywhere!

Being a mother is probably the most challenging title I've ever held in life. I'm sure you could relate. In one position we play the role of so many other titles. Somehow mom turns into doctor, therapist, chauffeur, nurse, mediator, housekeeper, chef and the list goes on and on and on. But today we receive words of affirmation, meals cooked for us, chocolates, flowers, etc. All the things to make us feel loved & appreciated!

Time is Precious

The days are long and the years are short. Eventually your babies grow up and you stop receiving the hand painted arts & crafts. This one day out of the year its like the world pauses for us. Practice being present today. Like really being present. You are blessed! I have no idea what material gifts you may receive today but just remember the children given to you are the greatest gift you will ever receive.

Maybe today is the opposite for you. Maybe this day is conflicting for you. Maybe you're a childless mother due to some unforseen circumstance or maybe you're a motherless child/mother whose mother is physically no longer here. Or maybe she is but she hasn't been what you needed. Today I pray that God would comfort you and bring you peace. I pray that He would bring light into that dark place for you. You are so worthy of a mother's love.

A Special Gift

I appreciate every woman who is growing in this journey of motherhood with me. The first woman to respond to this blog will receive my published Mother's Creed absolutely free as my Mother's Day gift to you. I thank you. I appreciate you. I honor you.

Happy Mother's Day Boss Life Mom!

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